Hard Pressed, but not Crushed

(03/22/20) – Ross Cochran.  A recorded sermon during COVID-19 time of cancelled services.
Part 1
“A Shield About Me” – Good News Singers
Comment & Prayer – Tom Martin

Part 2
Message: “Hard Pressed but Not Crushed” Ross Cochran

Part 3
“Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone” – Good News Singers
Communion Thoughts & Prayer – Marcus Neely
“Who You Say I Am” – Good News Singers

Teen Led Worship

(08/11/2019)-Marcus Neely and a panel of teens for Houston and Trek.   

Right click to download MP3

Houston Panel is the first 10:41 and consisted of:
1. Jon David Mills
2. Daniel Williams
3. Mikayla Jones

Trek Panel starts at 10:42 and consisted of:
1. Anna Kate Farley
2. Chandler Meadows
3. Parker Hall
4. Allie Nesbitt