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Learning To Live In Obedience

(12/15/2019)-Monte Cox- Learning To Live In Obedience

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Logan Light’s Obedience Spoken Word:

I was given the task to put together a spoken word, you know, the organization of nouns, verbs, adjectives, woven together to speak out the compassion of a grace filled God who set aside the Sabbath / after he imagined, created and established the order of all things -He breathed life into existence / try and put that into a sentence-

Perhaps I should change my approach…

When faced with the question of how to navigate the directions through a fallen world / that stinks of misconceptions / that reeks of discontentment / that pushes back against the holy and sacred / that seeks to be elevated / by constantly debating the merits of a creator who would allow suffering and enslavement / disasters and broken pavement/ how do we explain its partly the responsibility of the patients / to follow the doctors orders / even if the medicine is tasteless?

I mean, what do you say?

When I was young, we would sing a hymn from back in the day. Maybe you know it, it was “Trust and…”

Trust and… follow me without being able to see the path and believe that I have your best interests at heart.

Trust and… carry out the scriptures written / you are the light being sent into the dark.

Trust and… acknowledge my ever-green sustainment, my providence is amazing.

Trust and… embrace the one who has his thumb on the blistering fire / on the winds that twist and turn / the waves surrender to the power of him who spoke in a whisper / at the mouth of a cave to a prophet who missed it / who followed his mission / and still couldn’t get just how the spirit could lift him … until the Spirit came to lift him.

I’m getting ahead of myself…

I’m talking about obedience … and listen, it’s not the easiest / previous experience would speak to fact that our efforts to adhere become less weary if we get a peek into the ingredients/ if we could just see the process / that’s when we’re more likely to agree with it.

When given the task to speak words … when faced with life’s questions … when we can’t see the process of the product or the depth of our transgressions … when the world all as it should be and when there is pain in the offering … when the gravity and weight of our choices voice their concerns and we carry heavy burdens … when we laugh, when we’re nurtured … when we’re lost and when we’re certain … when we’re searching and can’t find the right words to say …

still we Trust and ….

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