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Already, But Not Yet – The New Jerusalem

July 31, 2011 – Ken Neller finishes our series with Revelation 21.  He talks about how we ALREADY have some of the promises in that passage, but NOT YET to the fullest.

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Already, But Not Yet – Our Identity

July 24, 2011 –  Ken Neller preached the second in a three part series.  We are children of the king, princes and princesses with all of the rights involved.  We should act like it.  But we are not fully experiencing all that we will inherit.  We have an identity in Christ already, but not yet.  Are we “sinners” or “saints”?

PowerPoint slides as a PDF – view after you start the audio below.  The slides will come up in a new window so your audio won’t be interrupted.

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Already, but Not Yet – Eternal Life

July 17, 2011 – Ken Neller bagan a new series entitled “Already, but not yet”.  He pointed out different ways that we are already experiencing God’s blessings, such as salvation, adoption, etc, but not as fully as we will.

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