“Meditating on the Word”

(05-31-2015)-Monte Cox-Holy Habits: Training for Godliness Meditating on the Word-Below are the some of the concepts Monte presented Sunday to help with the ongoing challenge of holding each other accountable to the “Holy Habit” of meditation as we study scripture together:
Luther on meditating on God’s Word:
1. Instruction: What is God teaching me?
2. Thanksgiving: God has spoken!
3. Confession: How is my life out of alignment with God’s purposes?
4. Prayer: Meditation leads to prayer.

George Mueller on meditating on God’s Word (in Quiet Time): Is there some . . .
1. example for me to follow?
2. command for me to obey?
3. error for me to avoid?
4. sin for me to forsake?
5. promise for me to claim?
6. new thought about God Himself?

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