My Heart is Changed Within Me

Downtown Church sermon from September 13, 2009 by David Mathews on Hosea

This is the 4th sermon in our series called God’s Relentless Pursuit – A Study of the Minor Prophets.

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Small Group Questions

1. Statistically speaking, there is not much difference between the world and the church when it comes to the current divorce rate.  Discuss your thoughts on why this may be true and what “weaknesses” may contribute to this current trend.

2. All relationships may be strengthened through our commitment(s) to each other:

  • Discuss ways you have found to be positive in strengthening your relationships (ie. with your spouse, friends, and family)
  • In what ways have you considered specific goals to strengthen these commitments?

3. Considering the testimony of Greg & Renee this morning, how did their story affect you?  Is there anything within their relationship story that may impact your relationship story?

4. In what ways have you also experienced God’s redemptive love in your life?

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